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randy sineI am a hobby potato breeder in coastal Rhode Island, working with a highly diverse mix of potatoes from breeding programs throughout the world, breeding for sustainability and organic growing conditions, high nutritional content, good taste, and high disease resistance.My pepper varieties were created with the goal of filling this void.
In particular, late blight resistance is a chief end goal of my breeding efforts, with active selection toward high yields and tuber size. Potato tubers from my breeding efforts are being grown and evaluated for suitability in a variety of locales and climates in the continental US. In 2016, grow-outs of these experimental potatoes took place at ten locations in nine US states; Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington. Feedback from these efforts assists in evaluating the genetics of each broad potato line, and steers my efforts towards varieties or groups of genetic material (TPS, clones, specific crosses of clones) that have proven themselves.