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                                                                                  LIVE PLANT SALE 2020



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 We are thrilled to offer this extensive list of transplants for our customers!   These are the very same varieties we sell here at the farm each spring and therefore are my personal favorites.  There are hundreds to choose from so take your time and pick any varieties that sound good to you. Detailed descriptions and photographs are in online catalog for most varieties. If you prefer not to receive a similar substitute for sold out varieties, ORDER EARLY !!!


 Here is how to order from this list:

1. Choose any varieties you wish, however we are selling these transplants in lots of six only, with a minimum of six plants per order.  You can mix or match tomatoes, sweet peppers, chile peppers or eggplants.  Each lot of six plants are $36.00 including shipping and handling. 

2. To order from this list you must either mail, email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or fax (330-348-5247) your order along with a credit card number or check. Ii is very difficult for us to take phone orders, but if  you will email us your phone number, we will call you when time allows. ****You can not go through Pay Pal.  

3. Simply write your order on a sheet of paper.  If you like you may print out an order form and use that. (disregard shipping on form, it is already included)

4. Make sure your order includes your address and telephone number.

5. Choose from these two shipment dates: APRIL 15th- MAY 1st  or May 1st- May15th  - if you need a specific delivery date email or call.


Sample order :

            John Smith 

            1254  Heirloom Street

            Tomato City, OH. 44460   

            Phone 1-330 335-6587

            Credit card #   or check

            Delivery Date -  April 15th- May 1st

            1. Angelo’s Red    

            2. Corno Di Toro Red Pepper

            3. Chuck’s Yellow Beefsteak

            4. Red Brandywine

            5. Coyote

            6. Antigua Eggplant      


             6@ $36.00  or  12@ $72.00 etc.


                                                                                                   LIVE TOMATO PLANTS  2019


                                                                                  COMPETITION TOMATOES:




                                                                                                BRAD GATES CROSSES




                                                                                                 ANTHOCYANIN VARIETIES


            ***These new varieties have heavy concentrations of anthocyanin that range from deep purple- blue to almost black and have mega health benefits.

DAMASCUS STEEL- 4-6 oz.deep steel maroon and purple stripes.                                   DARK GALAXY -Outrageous coloring 6 oz., deep purple, with metallic gold flecks.


PURPLE DRAGON- One of the most beautiful antho tomatoes out there! Stripes and swirls of black, purple and deep rose. Superb flavor!  4 oz. oval.

PINK SIBERIAN TIGER- Deep purple pink fruits with tiger-like deep purple black striping.

RED SIBERIAN TIGER- Similar to pink . but bright red and blue.





GREEN MARTIAN DWARF- Green and tasty.

HUSKY GOLD SELECT DWARF- Get to one pound!

POLISH YELLOW DWARF- Delicious highest producing yellow dwarf.

CHEROKEE TIGER BLACK DWARF- Chartreuse foliage! Superb flavor. Raves from all who grow it.

ORANGE PIXIE DWARF- Very productive, sweet and fruity. 4-6 ounces.

RAINBOW DWARF- Super productive Bi-Color. Grow nice size- 6-12 oz.

REDHOUSE FREESTANDING- Extreme producer of perfect blemish free 6-8 ounce globes. Excellent flavor. Strong thick stems do not require staking.


                                                                                     LARGE REDS 


ANGELO’S RED- Huge 2 lbs. boat shaped  beefsteaks with old time tomato flavor. Great bragging ‘mater. From Italy.                          

GILDO PETROBONI - Gigantic,round to boat shaped monsters are very juicy and flavorful!           

DIXIEWINE- The best tomato I have tasted in years.  Large beefsteaks pack a huge flavor punch! Bred by Bill Jeffers.

INDIANA RED- Mega producer of bright scarlet ox heart tomatoes. One of the meatiest around.

RED BARN-One of the most productive!! Fruits are perfect round shape and grow HUGE.  A great all around and canning type 

REBECCA SEBASTIAN’S BULL BAG -Huge, beautiful fluted, pocket purse type. Brilliant scarlet.

SYLVAN GAUME- Very popular giant red oxhearts.

WILD BILL’S OLD TIMEY- The most acidic intense red out there! Potato leaf. This one will blow your mind by it's intense and concentrated acidity!!


                                                                                            MEDIUM REDS


COSTOLUTO GENOVESE- This Italian variety is famous there for it’s super flavorful quality. Beautiful fruits are fluted an a bit odd shaped, but worth growing for sure. Cooks adore this one.

MARGLOBE- Old time favorite. Great acid to sweet balance

MANALUCIE- Medium size bright red fruits. 

RED BRANDYWINE-  A favorite red of all who try it.  Crisp, bright, old tomato flavor.  Excellent!  My stock is from Dr. Carolyn Male.

SIOUX -  Three things about Sioux, It loves the heat, sets tons of fruits, and tastes very, very good.  This is a good acidic tomato.

STONE - Excellent blemish free, medium size globes, with great acidity.

THESSOLONIKI- Greek.  Prettiest deep red globes you’ve ever seen. Flavor is outstanding. Perfect main cropper.    



                                                                                 RED CHERRIES


BE MY BABY GENEPOOL - Delightful red cherry mix.

CHUCK’S RED CHERRY- I think this is about the tastiest large red cherry around. Sweet!

LITTLE MISS DIXIE- Came from the famous and outstanding Dixiewine. Little 4 ounce red mini beefsteaks. The best flavor. Period.

MATT’S WILD CHERRY-   You’ll never taste ANYTHING  as sweet as this small red cherry tomato. Sets clusters. From Mexico. 

RED CHERRY BRANDYWINE- My exclusive.  the best red cherry out there. Potato leaf.


                                                                               LARGE  PINKS AND PURPLES


BLACK MOUNTAIN PINK- Smooth as silk.  Meaty pink with fabulous mild sweet flavor.  Swirls of rose through interior. This rare gem is from Kentucky and one of my very favorites.

BOONDOCKS- Super production of medium to large pink beefsteaks.

BUTTERWORTH’S POTATO LEAF - Super sweet intense deep pink beefsteaks borne in profusion on pretty potato leaf plants.  Right up there in flavor with Aunt Ginny’s Purple.

BRANDYWINE FROM CROATIA- Everyone loves this tomato. Potato leaf plants. Creamy and silky texture.

CASPIAN PINK- A lot of folks like this one better than Brandywine. High producer of perfect, smooth, deep rose fruits.

just the right hint of acid. Dense flesh.  An outstanding variety!  Potato leaf.

CHEROKEE PURPLE-  Most beautiful tomato you’ll ever see. Cherokee produces an abundance of dusky pink-purple fruits with olive shoulders. Interiors are brick red . Flavor is earthy and  sweet.  Unique!  A real delight!

CHURCH- A favorite pink tomato in 2002 trials.   One of the largest, most substantial, sweet, pink prizes around.  In ‘05 a 5 pounder!  Not only are they huge, but plants are literally covered in fruits. If you are limited in space, but would like to hit the tomato motherlode, this is a gotta try!

CLEOTA PINK-  From East Tn. About the deepest rose color of any pink you’ll see. Large and super sweet. 3 & 4 lbs. possible. This tomato will really impress you in every way possible.

KOSOVO-This is probably the sweetest of all the ox heart shaped tomatoes. It’s meaty and very productive. 

MUSHROOM BASKET- Becoming ever so popular. Giant sized pink fruits with extreme fluting and ruffles. 

PURPLE DOG CREEK- The talk of the garden web. Deep rose purple fleshed beefsteaks.  Heirloom from West Virginia.


                                                                                               MEDIUM PINKS


BURGUNDY TRAVELER-  One of my all time favorite pinks 1014 ounces. From Darrell Merrill.

BABYWINE- My exclusive. Egg shaped pinks with the same good flavor of the parent!

GRACE LAHMAN PINK - Grace is incredible.  She has everything. Healthy foliage is healthy and disease free.  Picture perfect globes have nary a flaw and flavor will rock you world!

MRS. BENSON - My favorite this year. The perfect blend of sweetness and acid with creamy, silky texture, make this a tomato that is hot!  Potato leaf vines produce aplenty!

                                                                                PINK CHERRIES


PINK PRINCESS GENE POOL- Delicious sweet cherries. Some will be red.

KOSOVO CHERRY-My exclusive. A grow out from the chose oxheart. Super sweet!!!

FRUIT PUNCH- FROM PKS. sweet and fruity pink cherries.


                                                                LARGE YELLOWS AND ORANGES


AMANA ORANGE - Beautiful!  Deep orange, solid and meaty beefsteaks grow huge. A favorite. 

BRUTUS MAGNUM YELLOW- can easily be a competition type. Gigantic bright lemon beefsteaks will be the high light of your garden!

BARNE’S MOUNTAIN YELLOW- Rare Kentucky heirloom.  Large fruits can weigh in at 3-4 lbs.  Sweet and mild.

FLATHHEAD MONSTER ORANGE- gigantic and super meaty orange beefsteaks that will grow to over two pounds!

SUMMER CIDER - Tied with Amazon Chocolate for first place at our 2008 tomato tasting!  Large potato leaf gold ranks right up there with Spark's, Aunt Gertie's, and Yellow Brandywine. 

YELLOW BRANDYWINE - This is the ultimate yellow tomato and a favorite. Exquisite complex flavors and a creamy texture that is heavenly. Everyone who tries it, loves it!  Potato leaf. 

VERNA ORANGE- Huge production of monster, meaty, brilliant orange beefsteaks. One to three lbs. Sweet and delicious.


                                                                   MEDIUM YELLOWS AND ORANGES 

CHEROKEE LEMON- Bright lemon, medium size.


BUTTER N EGGS- Perfect blemish free deep yellow. 6 ounces.


                                                                                  YELLOW AND ORANGE CHERRIES


BLONDKOPFCHEN- Little Blond Girl. Pale yellow cherries.

FABLONELYSTYNI- Lemon yellow cherries with all different shapes. Very fun!


SUN GOLD - The only hybrid worth growing. Orange  cherries are 

tropical, melon, winey. Sweet beyond words. 

TENNESSEE YELLOW CHERRY- I think this is the sweetest of all yellow cherries. 

COYOTE - Currant type.  Pea sized cream yellow fruits. Unique melon, rose, tropical fruit flavor. I’m addicted to them.


                                                                      BI-COLORS and TRI- COLORS


ANANAS NOIRE - A cross between the bicolor Pineapple and a black variety.  Really a tricolor, red, yellow and purple swirls.  Very tasty.

BANJAN RUMI- Heavy fluted light yellow 2 oz. cherry beefsteaks with red streaking on inside and out. Juicy and very sweet.

BERKELEY TIE DYE- Another tricolor .  One weird and whacky tomato from Wild Boar farm in California.  Will amaze you!

CAPTAIN LUCKY- Amazing flavor and three different colors! Very large.

DAWSON'S RUSSIAN OXHEART - Oh, a winner, this.  So very pretty. Diamond yellow hearts glisten in the sun with their swirls of ruby. Each a masterpiece of nature. Flavor is the best.

COPPER RIVER-Tri- color with superb flavor.

EVIL OLIVE-The most unusual cherry I have ever seen. Green rimmed, then a layer of deep yellow followed by brilliant green. Intense flavor.

FIRST MATE- Bi -color.  Sweeter than Captain Lucky. Grows large.

HARVARD SQUARE- Tri color. Red, green and deep yellow. Delicious!

HOLLY LAND- The biggest and prettiest Bi-color out there!

YELLOW STAR- The prettiest and biggest of the bi colors!




AUNT RUBY'S GERMAN GREEN- The cotton candy of all greens! Very large boat shaped greens with a pink blush throughout the flesh.

AUNT RUBY’S GREEN CHERRY- My favorite green cherry.

CHEROKEE GREEN- Enormous amounts of medium sized green beefsteaks with A plus flavor.

GREEN BLUSH- Blush pink when ripe. Very sweet.

GREEN PINEAPPLE- similar to Evergreen. Blushes amber when ripe

POCKET STAR- Clear skinned green cherries are super sweet and productive medium size.

WILD THYME GREEN WHEN RIPE- The most beautiful and tastiest of all the greens!



AMAZON CHOCOLATE - The winner at my 2008 tomato tasting. Very productive plants produce green shouldered purple-red -blue fruits that taste incredible!  Potato leaf..

BLACK CHERRY-Yummy!  Very rare. Gorgeous burgundy sweet cherries for snacking or dramatic salad presentations.

BLACK FROM TULA- An excellent flavored, high producer of smooth medium to large beefsteaks. Favorite with myself and seed savers.

BLACK KRIM -  Nice large beefsteak, mahogany-brown-red with olive shoulders. Interiors are garnet and olive. Spicy. 

BLACK MASTER- Large beefsteaks.

BLACK EARLY-  Very productive. 

BLACK ZEBRA - Very popular. 6 oz. chocolate - ruby fruits with orange and green stripes.  Juicy, tangy, awesome production.

BRAD'S BLACK OXHEART- Wow, a black oxheart tomato!  Intense earthy flavor.  Meaty with few seeds. Beautiful.

CHEROKEE CHOCOLATE- Beautiful variety. Fruits grow very large and are a breathtaking copper, olive, ruby. If the summers are hot with many sunny days, flavor will rock your world!

CARAMEL CORDIAL- Chocolate 4-6 ounce fruits are very sweet, but with nice acidity.

DANA’S DUSKY ROSE- Rare . One of the tastiest of the dark varieties.Very beautiful.

DEBARRAO BLACK-Pear shaped. 5-7 ounces.

EVERETT'S RUSTY OX HEART- The most beautiful tomato I have EVER seen!  Neon colors of green red, pink, green, and russet.  Meaty and fabulous!

GRANDMA OLIVER CHOCOLATE- found in a row of greens. This is a favorite of a lot of growers.!

KAMATO- Much sought after 6 oz. zesty sweet black.

SINISTER MINISTER- Black selection from Reverend Michael Keyes. We think it is the best tasting of the black cherries. Pear shape. 




BIANCA GRANDE - Will take your taste buds by surprise! Do you think the whites are bland?   Bianca is a huge beefsteak and tastes as sweet as cotton candy. Pink swirls throughout.

GREAT WHITE -Very low acid. Giant white beefsteaks are sweet and very meaty. When fully ripe they blush pink.  

SWEET SHARON- We think this white cherry is sweeter than Sun Gold. Flavor is very complex for a cherry. A personal favorite. Pear shape.

WHITE OXHEART- Huge, meaty, mild tasting white oxhearts. Can grow to 2 lbs.

MIRABELLE BLANCHE- Small cream cherries. Blush yellow and pink when ripe.

WHITE RABBIT-  Currant type. Tiny tropical, pear, wine flavor. Intensely sweet . One of my very favorites.

WHITE ZEBRA -  Small to medium white fruits with green stripes!  The stripes fade as the fruits ripen to creamy yellow.  Very rare.




ANDY'S STRIPES -Beautiful black striped. 1 lb.


BERKELEY TIE DYE- Amazing tricolor tomato with the most unusual color patterns!

BERKELEY TIE DYE PINK- Deep rose and green stripes. Beautiful and tasty.

BERKELEY TIE DYE GREEN- Three shades of green and orange stripes.

METALUNA- A selection from Brad’s Berkeley’s. Metallic gold stripes.

BIG CHEEF STRIPES- Gorgeous cream colored beefsteaks with shocking pink stripes. 8- 10 oz.

JEALOUS DRAGON- bright purple stripes on lime green fruits. A gwr Purple dragon. Gorgeous. At F4, so will show some surprises.

RAMBLING RED STRIPE- Very pretty and interesting trip color striped cherries. Juicy with a nice acidity.Try to pick them all!!!!


                                                                                    ITALIAN PASTE TOMATOES


COW'S TIT- Great for canning! Mega producer of very meaty, and super tasty, large sausage shaped paste tomatoes. Becoming a favorite of all who try it.

AUNT MERILYN’S GIANT SICILIAN- Giant red canning type.  Mostly large, fat oxheart and plums.

DARTH MATER- Black paste, some hearts. Makes awesome sauce.

ERNIE’S PLUMP- My favorite plum. Extreme producer of fat plums, many double. Makes the best home canned tomatoes and sauces. Rich, sweet and deep dark red. Very rare.

SAN MARZANO Redorta Strain-  This is the variety in the expensive imported canned plum tomatoes.  Known to be one of the very best for flavor.  Very popular with good reason.  This is the largest fruit stain of this type.  

SAN REMO - The highest producing true paste. Red,  5’’ long, heavy, seedless fruits. Excellent flavor. My largest selling paste seed!  My strain will set  20 percent round hearts with the sausages that are very dense. A + canner.

JUMBO ROMA - Huge meaty roma tomatoes are produced all summer long. Fill up your canning kettle quick! 

SWEET ORANGE ROMA - Yes, there are orange roma tomatoes and this is my favorite. An extreme producer.  

ROMAN CANDLE -Screaming yellow, pepper shaped paste tomatoes. How about some yellow salsa?


                                                                                               STUFFING TOMATOES 


SCHIMMEIG STRIPED HOLLOW- Pepper shaped hollow fruits. Red, orange stripes.                        

LIBERTY BELL - Bell pepper shaped hollow stuffer. Red.

YELLOW STUFFING - Same as the above, but bright yellow.



                                                                          SWEET  PEPPER PLANTS 

CHOCOLATE BELL- Garnet- red- brown bells. Sweetest of all the colors!

CRIOLLA SWEET- Green to red bells with thick walls.

ORANGE BELL- The ultimate in orange bells. You won’t believe the sweet intense flavor and production. 

SOKO SARI-Super sweet, thick walled, crisp and juicy. White to red.

CHERVENA CHUSHKA- One of the sweetest. Curled heart shape. White and pale yellow to bright scarlet. A favorite.

 CHINESE GIANT-Green to red. Very large.

                                                                          CHILE PEPPER PLANTS 

NUMEX BIG JIM- Substantial sized medium hot chiles are fab grilled, for rellenos, or salsas.  Very prolific plants.