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Tetraploid Landrace TPS NEW 2017

Solanum tuberosum hybrid; tuberosum, andigena and others

This tetraploid TPS is the result of open pollinated and selfed TPS seed from hundreds of potato varieties and breeding lines, selected from multiple years’ growth. Many have genetics introduced from wild species for higher disease resistance. One end goal of my breeding efforts is high late blight resistance, and many of the parents of this TPS will have genetics that lend themselves towards that result. This is a highly diverse mixture of parent plants from many breeding programs through the world, will traits that will predominantly lean towards yellow and white skinned potatoes, though blue, red and bicolor skin and flesh will have fair representation within this seed. There is a very highly diverse genetic base represented here, and would do great as a starting point for someone looking to create a landrace customized from their growing location and climate. All traits of growing season length, plant size, plant habit, tuber shape (fingerlings, rounds, oval, odd shapes), and tuber size should be represented.

Note: Each packet contains approximately 70 seeds.
Rating: 3/5

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017
I have had very good germination and growth from seedlings.

Looking forward to see what I get from these plants
Denice Bath